Monday, October 14, 2013

Rock, Meet Hard Place

So many of you have kept up with our family's ups and downs on Facebook,and it's been easier to keep family AND friends updated at once. But I'd like to return to my blog & try writing more often.

As of today, October 14, 2013, Son#2 is still at Camelot (Rose Rock) where he's been since the first week in August.
We received a visit from DHS again in our home last Wednesday evening. They said they needed to meet a week before court. The new permanent case worker says the problems right now lie with OK Healthcare Authority & Rose Rock saying we aren't participating enough in son#2's therapy.

 We go to court next Tuesday but even if the judge recommends that we only have to go at the least, once a month to OKC, the OKHCAuthority, can still reject that. Even though they realize & understand that son#2's situation is one where it's permanent & not a rehab type situation.
They are son#2's insurance because he is disabled. When you are disabled, the state gives you their insurance. (which is good in our case because otherwise his meds would cost us around $2000 a month) So, since they are paying the bills, they have the final say in whether we are keeping involved enough in his treatment plan. They are trying to fit a square peg (that's us!) in a round hole.  And in my opinion, essentially forcing our hand.

The main problem with that is, it's impossible for us as a family to mentally, physically & financially to go every single week to OKC for "therapy". Been there & done that for a year. Still dealing with some costs from that. That my friends, puts us between a rock & a hard place. Meaning the state would try & discharge son#2 from where he's at--the rock. This is THE only place within the state that meets all his needs. To keep him there at Rose Rock/Camelot---we either go once a week, OR we sign over/give up parental rights--the hard place. To keep our son safe & in the only place in the state equipped for him, we may have to face the reality that we have to give up our rights so that he can stay there.

We've been grappling with this for awhile, knowing it was a real possibility. The guilt, the mixed feelings, our other children, the anger, the tears that are constantly at the surface ready to bubble over. Knowing something is easier physically on your family as a whole, in no one cancels out your emotions & feelings of your heart & what you WANT to do.
 There's so much we're already still working through with knowing we are settling into a routine without him here & that he won't be back here for the upcoming holidays. How do a mother & father sit down & logically talk out their feelings on giving up parental rights to their child when everything you did from the time you were pregnant, was to protect them & keep them safe?

We are trying to make arrangements to get down to OKC very, very soon so it buys son#2 some time at RRock & gets the insurance off our backs. Ideally, I'd go myself during the day once a month or so. But it's tricky. Nothing is ever as simple as just saying it. Car issues still in the picture for us & just timing. Also, fall break is this week. Anyway, all that to say of course we'd love your continued prayers for son#2 and his safety/happiness& contentment. But we also ask for some prayers for us, that God may give us wisdom to know what is right for our family. To help a mothers heart not break in two, no matter what the outcome.

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Nanc said...

I continue to lift you all up in prayer...especiallyyou, Jules. A mother's heart comes into being from the moment of conception...and continues on even into Heaven. Our children are always our children.

Please know that you are doing the very best thing you and Matt can do for Carson. He is safe, Grayson and Jackson are safe...and God holds you all in his hands.

How I wish I were closer to take tyou to OKC myself.

God speed, my friend. You are well loved...and you love well.